2018-12-05 / Editorials

Make The Most Of This Festive Time

This week we at the Queens Gazette bring you our Holiday Portfolio, filled with a legion of special holiday shopping ideas. We always want to shower our loved ones with gifts that really make them smile, and they surely deserve it. Give them something to treasure the whole year through that will make them think of you and your thoughfulness every time they see it, wear it, or use it. Whether they are beloved family, friends for life, or new friends you really like, what a thoughtful way to say You are special, than with a thoughtful token of your esteem? The holidays are the highlight of the year, so don’t let them slip away with just a perfunctory nod. Life is what you put into it, and the more you do, the sweeter the memories, so make each day count.

Take advantage of all the wonderful, traditional, fun holiday events in every neighborhood. There are tree-lighting ceremonies and visits with Santa that include beautiful caroling, stunning decorations of shop windows and evergreens with their delightful scent, hot cocoa and treats for participants, and more. There are also parties and volunteer opportunities.

We are indeed the fortunate ones to have the world at our fingertips. Every Queens neighborhood has its classic favorites: wonderful bakeries and pastry shops to pick up special delicacies for your party as guest or host; unique clothing and accessory boutiques; fine jewelers who really make the effort to bring you top quality at amazing prices; cutting edge salons that know how to help you look your most festive and polished; restaurants and clubs for you to enjoy a new atmosphere for your celebrations (and not have to clean up before or after); and magnificent decorations to create the most festive gift packages and holiday atmosphere for your guests, yourself and your family. Even your family at home deserves a special, brightened, lovely change of pace. All this is available within mere steps of your own front door!

Here in Queens we have distilled a concentration of the best of the whole world. People from all over have brought their unique cultures, all very different, but with this in common: the inner fire to achieve and succeed. Those with very deep roots going back many generations as well as more recent transplants offer an astounding variety of cuisine, wares, and services. Their hard work every day has made dreams into reality – with all their patrons, as well as them reaping the benefits! They do that by bringing their best products, and best efforts to provide great service. They have put their hearts and souls into their businesses, investing all their energy and savings, taken out loans, and enlisted family members in their various endeavors, because they have faith in themselves and in the community. They also run benefits, drives and volunteer efforts for the community. We salute business owners, new and established, as well as hard working employees, and we rejoice in their success and achievements.

We’ll be looking for you as you enjoy this greatest season of all, taking part in all the festivities that abound!

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