2018-06-13 / Editorials

We Are Lucky To Have Them

Whether you are a cat-parent, dog-lover, share your home with turtles, birds, snakes, hamsters, lizards—we recently heard one woman even adopted a bee as her pet, though it’s probably better all around to stick with domesticated animals— whoever we’ve welcomed into our homes and into our hearts, it is a real relationship.

How many of us have rescued our “fur-babies” from a nightmare existence on the streets— starving, freezing, suffering painful illnesses—and are they ever grateful. Even if they never knew anything less than the cozy loving home they have now, they always give us unconditional love, something we can’t always expect from the humans in our lives. Our own human children, siblings, friends etc. often let us down, don’t prioritize us in their lives, or appreciate what we do for them, or perhaps at times do not want to hang out with us. But our pets practically idolize us—yes, even cats! Perhaps it is because they don’t have much else going on in their lives, but be that as it may, we are the center of our pets’ lives, and their feelings are 100 percent sincere. They deserve nothing less than real loving care. After all, we are the ones who decided to adopt them; they really had no say in the matter. And don’t we just get so much from having them around? They give affection and make us laugh on the daily. Even if they sometimes break things, or have “accidents” we mustn’t ever be harsh with them, they never intend to make trouble for us, they really are at no higher level of understanding than a toddler, if that much. Although sometimes they seem like they are geniuses, especially if you have a hidden treat in you bag—or is that instincts? Taking care of them is such a small price to pay for the joy they bring.

So show them that you care (see our “Summertime

Pet Tips” in this issue for very important health and safety reminders), take them to the dog park, or you can bring them out in a carrier out to see some new sights up close; get or make them special, healthy treats; give them a good brushing at least once a week (your rugs will thank you); play and interact with them; bring home a compatible playmate for them to pass the day with while you work, or have “play dates” with a neighbor’s friendly pet; update their stuff—bed, harness, bowl, carrier, sweater—whatever they need. Take them for grooming if they need it. And most importantly, bring them for a check-up and/or a vaccine update to the vet’s office. Sometimes their care is a bit of a chore, but remember, they really cannot do it for themselves. And for all they give to us, they really deserve the most we can do.

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