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Home Is Where The Heart Is

There are all kinds of love, and Valentine’s Day can include them all. We know we always gift sweet treats to our children and parents, even something special for the pets. It is a day of celebration of loved ones—partners and/or dear friends and family. We at least exchange phone calls and heartfelt cards, sometimes treats for those we happen to see that day. Of course when there’s a sweetheart, it’s fun to make a big day of it—go to a special place for a big night out, maybe return to the scene of that first date or Valentine’s Day.

Some people give diamonds; some give flowers, candy and cards; then there’s dinner, dessert and wine, or all of the above. Here in Queens you can find the perfect baubles and flowers and explore the cuisine of any part of the world you wish. Sometimes the romantic gesture is a thoughtful gift only you would know to give. It should always be personal and preferably not utilitarian, unless the object of your affection has given plenty of hints as to their wishes for the latter.

Some will say the holiday is just a marketing scheme, but if love was not relevant we would not still be celebrating the day hundreds of years—if not millennia—later.

Valentine’s Day is next week, so you still have time to pick up something special, and time to plan a romantic evening together to show you really care. Go dancing, take in a concert, play or other type of show. Maybe comedy lights your fire; a couple’s spa day would be sensual, and an ice skating date would literally get your hearts beating fast. Even the parks have romantic-themed events.

We hope you enjoy and take advantage of all the activities, venues and shopping we have here at home in Queens, as any and everything you could hope to find are right here, in your own backyard. With love, the Gazette.

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