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COPACABANA Brazilian Grill

Warm up the cold winter nights with a trip to Copacabana Brazilian Grill. There you will find a bounty of Brazilian and international dishes, and juicy meats from the fiery churrasca, all for the taking.

Owner Jose Bezerra purchases the finest meats and vegetables that go into the classic Brazilian dishes available at this “serve yourself” casual eatery. While most meals go out the door for take-away, you can also eat in the comfortable dining room with clean tables and silverware for cutting into the succulent meats that master grill man Luis prepares.

Grab a tray and a plate, or a take-out container and start scooping up all your favorites from the cold salad bar, hot buffet, and of course, the churrasca, where the meats sizzle and spin. Start anywhere you like. For example, the cold salads feature mixed greens, home made slaw, julienned zucchini, pasta salad, chicken salad, and my favorite; shredded kale, delicately dressed in lemon and garlic. Scoop up some of the homemade salsa as it goes well with the meats.

On the hot side, the choices seem endless, and trays of hot, fresh food are continuously replenished as hungry diners deplete them. Let’s see…there’s flaky fried fish fillet, roasted chicken, spinach lasagna, oxtail stew, roasted duck, chicken stroganoff, sliced steak, and codfish, to name a few items. Side dishes include brown rice with peas and carrots, or steamed white rice, okra, broccoli and carrots, sweet plantains, and the staple of Brazilian cuisine; rice and beans. These beans have been cooked for hours and one version is prepared with pork, the other, without, and both are so savory and delicious, especially when spooned over the rice. Sprinkle the top with cornmeal called farofa.

Meanwhile, Luis works the Copacabana churrasca where delicious cuts of meat, chicken, and sausage are laced onto long, steel skewers that rotate constantly over the super-hot fire. There is savory top sirloin called picanha, flank steak, skirt steak, sirloin, and beef ribs. Not satisfied? How about pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon, spicy pork sausage and mild chicken sausage, or chicken legs and chicken hearts, which are a delicacy. Simply ask for your favorite meats cooked as you like, and the grill man will cut them to order in easy to eat pieces for you to enjoy along with all the side dishes and salads you’ve chosen.

The good news is that this bountiful buffet is very economical, making Copacabana a very popular eatery. For the hot buffet and salad, pay just $5.99 per pound. Add the barbecued meat to that and pay just $7.99 per pound. You can even order assorted barbecued meats to take home for $9.99 per pound, which is a real bargain with no fuss.

Sweeten your palate with Copacabana’s desserts such as passion fruit mousse, mango mousse, creamy rice pudding, coconut flan and chocolate cake. Tropical juices and Guarana sodas are available too.

Copacabana is open seven days a week from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. They are conveniently located just steps from the N train’s 36th Avenue station. While the train station is closed for construction, you can just get out at Broadway and walk a couple of blocks as you work up an appetite that will allow you to eat even more! Copacabana is worth the short walk and you gotta eat, right? Choose your favorite meats and Brazilian dishes at Copacabana Brazilian Grill.

31-13 36th Avenue
Long Island City, NY  718.545.3685


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