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Dishwasher Can’t Dish Out Bail

By Liz Goff
A 31-year-old former worker at a Long Island City restaurant remains behind bars this week, after his hobby as a video voyeur was cut short by a female patron who spotted his phone filming her inside a women’s restroom.

Hector-Miguel Ramirez-Vargas told police he would set up his cell phone camera in a restroom at Holy Guacamole on 31st Street near 36th Avenue whenever an attractive woman walked into the bar, prosecutors said.

“When I would see attractive women in the restaurant, I would put my cell phone in the women’s bathroom to record them using the bathroom, for my own personal pleasure,” Ramirez-Vargas, told police in a criminal complaint filed with the court.

He sick act came to light on August 31st, when a regular customer saw the phone and asked manager Franco Solano, 54, “Hey guys, why do you keep that phone in the bathroom?”

The woman’s friend pulled the phone out of a vent in the bathroom ceiling and went through photo images on the camera, prosecutors said. The woman recognized Ramirez-Vargas from photos he’d stored in the phone and confronted Solano, who alerted police.

Ramirez-Vargas, who said he washed dishes and made food deliveries for the eatery, disappeared in the heat of it, making a run for it through a patio in the rear of the bar, prosecutors said.

Cops caught up with Ramirez-Vargas on December 6th more than three months after he bolted from the bar. He was charged with unlawful surveillance at his arraignment at Queens Criminal Court, where he was held in lieu of $1,500 bond or $3,000 cash bail.


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