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Pepsi Porch Is History At Citi Field

By Joyce Vetere Milowski and Dan Miller

Photo Dan Miller/DMD IMAGESPhoto Dan Miller/DMD IMAGESFrom the time the Mets moved into their new home at Citi Field in 2009 the Pepsi Porch was one of the icons of the new ball park. That icon has fallen as has Mets outfield sensation Yoenis Cespedes. The Mets have ended their agreement with Pepsi which marks the downfall of the Pepsi Porch at Citi Field.

The last player to hit a home run into the Pepsi Porch was during game four of the 2015 World Series where Mets rookie outfielder Michael Conforto hit two home runs into the Pepsi Porch. Conforto’s blasts will become a Citi Field record since no other player will have the opportunity to do it again.

The last time a rookie hit two home runs in a world series was in 1996 when Atlanta rookie outfielder Andruw Jones accomplished that fete against the New York Yankees.

The Mets have not announced what sponsor will take over advertising in that very popular part of Citi Field. Who knows it could become the Coke Corner.

When the Mets hosted a holiday party for local school children at Citi Field they treated the kids to a box lunch that included beverages that were without labels. Someone removed all of the beverage labels striking out the deal between the Mets and the Pepsi corporation.

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