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Whitestone Man Seeks $130 Million From City, NUPD In False Arrest

By Liz Goff

A 43-yar-old Whitestone man last month filed a lawsuit demanding $130 million in damages from the city for nine months he spent on Riker’s Island - on rape charges that were dropped when DNA evidence proved he was innocent.

Kenneth King was charged in October 2011 with attempting to rape a woman on a roadway alongside the Cross Island Parkway in September of that year.

The highly-publicized attack was stopped by a good Samaritan who chased off the suspect.

King ran into trouble when police discovered his resemblance to an NYPD sketch of the suspect that was released to the media. King was arrested after three unidentified callers to the NYPD Crime Stoppers HOTLINE identified him as the suspect and he was later picked out of a lineup by good Samaritan, ex-Marine Brian Teichman, 33, of Fresh Meadows, who allegedly told detectives, “I hope to God I am making the right choice,” by identifying King as the attacker.

However, the victim, an Asian woman, refused to view the lineup and never identified King as her attacker, papers filed in the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, cops arrested King because he also had the same physical traits – eye and hair color, etc.- as the attacker.

King’s attorney requested at his arraignment that DNA evidence recovered from the victim’s clothing be tested to determine if King was the attacker. The lawsuit charges the NYPD waited six months to test the samples, while King remained on Riker’s Island on $200,000 bail.

King’s attorney told reporters his client’s reputation has been ruined by the false arrest and King has been unable to find work as a chef since his release.

King has named the city, the NYPD, two NYPD detectives and the Queens District Attorney’s office in the lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

A spokesperson for the city Law Department said attorneys have not received a copy of the complaint and refused to comment on the lawsuit.

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