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Meng To Assist Family Of Woman Struck By Tree

Congressmember Grace Meng announced that she is working to ensure that the father of the pregnant woman killed by a falling tree in Flushing will be allowed to enter the United States in order to help arrange and attend his daughter’s funeral.
The 30-year-old expectant mother, Yingyi Li-Dikov, was fatally struck by a tree on the evening of August 4 as she sat on a bench in Kissena Park. Her father, Zhong Liang Li, is set to arrive in New York from China but the American visa he has is due to expire in a couple of days, making it uncertain if he’ll be allowed to enter the country.
 Meng intervened a short time ago with the Customs and Border Protection agency, requesting that the father be granted permission to enter the U.S. when he arrives at JFK Airport. The congressmember also provided the father with a letter on her official stationary explaining his emergency situation that he could present to customs officers should he have a problem gaining entry to the country.
 “The death of Yingyi Li-Dikov is a terrible and heartbreaking tragedy,” said Meng. “We will work to make sure that her father is allowed entry to the U.S. when he arrives in New York, and we will continue to assist the family in any way we can. We send our deepest condolences to them at this very difficult time.”
 Li-Dikov was married to Aleksander Dikov, a member of the National Guard. Meng intervened this afternoon when his station commander and other military representatives visited her Queens office to seek her assistance.
 In addition to assisting the father, Meng is attempting to secure visas for Li-Dikov’s uncle and her father’s friend by contacting the American Consulate in Shanghai on their behalf.

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