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Dumb Tweet Stunt Lands All Stat Twit In Jail


The parents of a Twitter loving teen who ran on the field at the All Star game on July 17 don’t appear to share his enthusiasm for tweets.

Dylan McCue Masone, 18, left Queens Criminal Court on July 18 with his mother after he was arraigned on charges of Interfering With A Professional Sporting Event and released on his own recognizance.

Still wearing the same Robinson Cano T-shirt from the night before, Marone kept his head down to avoid contact with reporters as he was escorted from the courthouse by his obviously angry mother.

Marone was a the All Star Game with his father when he stormed the field at the mid-summer classic and tried to run the bases – until he was grabbed by security guards at CitiField.

Marone’s father thought Dylan was on his way to the concession stand when he suddenly heard a commotion and saw his son pulling the stunt, authorities said.

Marone had told followers on Twitter that he would run on the field during the game if he got 1,000 retweets from users who repeated a message he sent out at about 8 p.m. saying, “1,000 RTs and ill run across the field.”

In the moments before the stunt, the teen sent out a picture of a text he received from his mother warning him against the dare. “It’s not funny that’s a serious thing and u could get arrested if not worse,” his mom wrote. “please don’t b ridiculous.”

The teen ignored the warning, but later tweeted to his followers, “pray for me cause my moms gonna kill me.”

The teen’s mom, Chris tried to warn him against the stunt after she was tipped off to the tweets.

Marone could face jail time, a fine and be banned from attending live sporting events if convicted.

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