2013-07-24 / Editorials

Evaluate Candidates Based On Leadership And Advocacy

This year’s political race is of particular interest. Most people are well aware of the issues concerning Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer. Many protested against Weiner when he announced earlier this year that he would be running for mayor, and many more were outraged over Spitzer, the former governor, catapulting himself into the race for city comptroller.

It is true that they have been involved in circumstances that are not the most professional or appropriate, and a simple concession and apology may not be enough to atone for such mistakes. However, the beauty of America is that one has the opportunity to put situations behind them and move on.

Weiner and Spitzer are simply doing what they are entitled to: continuing their careers. Many who have had infractions have successfully re-entered the political arena. This is by no means limited only to politicians; persons from all walks of life have chosen to do the same. It is never too late to redeem oneself.

Whether or not they are ultimately elected into office, however, is up to the public. The purpose of an election is for people to select those whom they deem worthy of representing them. It is democracy at its purest. It cannot be denied that previous scandals surrounding Weiner and Spitzer will play a role in their campaigns. Some citizens will make their judgment based solely on these circumstances, singling these two men out on ethical grounds.

But it is important for the electorate to keep in mind that the basis of candidacy is entrenched upon merit and competency. First and foremost is the ability of a candidate to work in the best interests of those whom he or she represents. They should have the capacity to pursue and execute said interests. Thus, the electorate should not be swayed merely by the dalliances and personal errors of candidates; the focus should be placed on evaluating objective worth. Yet the public may say ‘no’ to forgiving these two as well as other candidates based solely on their sullied past.

If the people feel that either Weiner, Spitzer or others are capable of being strong leaders and properly representing them, they have the right to vote for them.

A stain on a record is not enough to extinguish an entire career.

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