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Changes At CDEC 30


Three incumbents and five newly elected members of Community District Education Council 30 were introduced at the last meeting of the 2012-2013 school year finalizing the results of the recent spring election.

On July 1, all 32 Community Education Councils began new two-year terms and current re-elected CDEC 30 members Valerie Lamour, Michelle Noris and Jennifer Harper are now joined by new incoming members Rachel Paster, Ellen Niz, Ka-Trina Harris, Heather Ibrahim and Leni Calas.

District 30 Superintendent Dr. Philip A. Composto presented members from the outgoing CDEC with certificates at the June 20 meeting held in Long Island City. Departing members are Helena Akhtar, Ernest Brooks, Isaac Carmignani, Jeffrey Guyton, Maritza Herrera, Michael McCoy, Marius Titus and Jeannie Tsavaris-Basini.

Community Education Councils are advisory bodies on educational policies with responsibilities that include the review of instructional programs, approval of zoning lines and advising the Chancellor of the New York City public schools.

Consisting of nine elected parent volunteers of students attending kindergarten through eighth grade in the district, CECs must also have one parent of a student with special education services and one parent of an English Language Learner (ELL).

Two appointments to the CEC by the borough president of residents and/or local business owners and a non-voting high school senior who lives in the district and is an elected leader at his/her school are pending.

“I think this is one of the most effective, if not the most effective councils in the city,” said Brooks, leaving after three terms on the council.

“Two of the best things I’ve ever done is have my daughter and be on this council,” said outgoing co-president Guyton.

And Carmignani, the other departing copresident, said “It’s been a great honor for me.”

“I thank you for being willing to step up to the plate, District 30 is so blessed,” said Composto to all the council members, both new and old.

The Summer Meals program began on June 27 and will run through August 30. Free breakfast and lunch is available for families at more than 1,000 locations citywide including schools, pools, parks, libraries, public housing sites and soup kitchens. Mobile refrigerated trucks also provide meals at Flushing Meadows- Corona Park and Queens Library locations.

More than seven million meals were served last summer.

The next CDEC 30 meeting is July 18 at 6 p.m. in the fifth floor conference room at 28-11 Queens Plaza North, Long Island City.

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