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Pour Over At Green Market In Socrates Sculpture Park

By Farrahlynn G. Kaval

Photo Farrahlynn G. KavalPhoto Farrahlynn G. KavalEvery Saturday from June to November, Socrates Sculpture Park hosts the annual GROWNYC GREENMARKET.  On the sunny afternoon of June 29 Venders pitched their tents in Socrates Sculpture Park. Among the pitched white tents of farmers selling everything from honey to fresh herbs was a tent exhausting an aroma of freshly made coffee.  Like Alice I was lured down the rabbit hole through the line of white tents until I stumbled upon a table of wonder.  Owner of XXX Coffee Inc., Technique judge for the annual W.B.C. (World Barista Championship) competition and coffee connoisseur, Mr. Drew DeGeer stood behind his mad coffee party of coffee filters arranged from left to right with waiting to be poured cups aligned in a straight path underneath.  Being a coffee drinker myself and having never seen coffee made using the technique of pour over I was intrigued.  With 22 Years of perfecting the art of coffee making under his belt, DeGeer makes hot coffee, iced coffee and poured over coffee.  Poured over coffee is the process of taking naturally arranged and selected coffee beans from such places as Ethiopia and nestling them in a filter then, pouring hot water from a playfully shaped pot over the beans slowly so that the beans themselves break down slowly before your very eyes while the brewed coffee trickles down into a cup underneath.  Using the method of pour over allows the coffee drinker to watch the process of coffee making in an intimate first hand point of view verses the process of having a machine such as a coffee pot or espresso machine brew the coffee from within the covered pot.  For three dollars you can enjoy a cup of coffee whose beans are handpicked from the regions of Africa and are naturally washed by being soaked in a bucket of water keeping the natural flavor of the coffee beans and sorted by hand. You can follow XXX Coffee Inc. and Drew DeGeer on twitter at XXX Coffee Inc. and enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the process for yourself at Socrates Sculpture Park located at 32-01 Vernon Blvd. every Saturday between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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