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Cirabisi Reports ‘Good Year’ At 114th Precinct CC


The 114th Precinct Community Council ended on a high note as regular monthly meetings came to a close on June 25 at Riccardo’s. The next regular meeting will be held on September 24.
“This is our last meeting before the summer break,” said Deputy Inspector Stephen Cirabisi, commanding officer of the 114th Police Precinct. “Fortunately, we’re having a very good year [and] we continue to reduce crime.”
Year to date crime is down 17 percent in the 114th, putting it in the top five precincts citywide, he said. Overall, murders are down 25 percent, rapes down 5.3 percent, robberies down 33.3 percent (50 less robberies than a year ago), felony assaults down 27.9 percent, burglaries down 23.1 percent, and grand larcenies auto down 14.9 percent.
“The only uptick is in grand larcenies (up 2.4 percent),” he said. “Be mindful of your property.” Grand larcenies are frequently crimes of opportunity when people leave valuables unattended or in plain sight.
August 6 is National Night Out and the 114th Police Precinct and the Precinct Community Council will once again host the event in Astoria Park on Shore Boulevard between Ditmars Boulevard and Astoria Park South from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
“There’s something for everybody, young, old, or otherwise, please come,” said 114th Precinct Community Council President Ann Bruno.
Hot dogs, water and pony rides for children are all free and the “dunk the person in the water tank” event is always a lot of fun. This is the 30th anniversary of National Night Out, which began in 1984, as an outreach by the National Association of Town Watches called “America’s Night Out Against Crime” with an emphasis on promoting police-community partnership and crime prevention.
That year, on Aug. 7, 1984, 2.5 million Americans participated in 400 communities in 23 states. Last year, National Night Out involved more than 37 million people across 15,000 communities in all 50 states, U.S. Territories and Canadian cities.
“We’re hoping to see a nice turnout,” said Cirabisi.
Police Officers Alexander Verrios and Alexander Wenzell were recipients of Cop-of-the-Month honors.
On June 4, in the vicinity of Northern Boulevard and Broadway, Verrios and Wenzell responded to a young woman punched in the face and robbed of her cellphone. Identifying the attacker, the duo pursued and apprehended the man, and on further investigation in an interview with the female, a horrific incident was uncovered.
“A woman stabbed multiple times, was discovered,” said Cirabisi. The suspect, a career criminal with 47 prior arrests and 16 incarcerations was released from prison in December. “Hopefully, he will never be out again.”

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