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Medical Care In Queens Ranks Among Best

“We want to make sure that we have healthcare services, not only to support the population we have today, but the one that we know is coming,” Mount Sinai Queens Executive Director Caryn Schwab told the Queens borough cabinet slightly more than a year ago. Mount Sinai Queens, Elmhurst Hospital Center and the other public and private healthcare facilities in the borough are doing an admirable job of supporting Queens’ present population.

Queens hospitals are acknowledged to be among the finest healthcare facilities in New York City and throughout the state. Hospitals in the borough have been designated Centers of Excellence in many medical fields, including cardiac care, stroke treatment and dialysis.

During the last decade, Queens lost several local hospitals including St. John’s in Elmhurst, Parkway in Forest Hills and Mary Immaculate in Jamaica. The closing of these facilities notwithstanding, the borough’s remaining hospitals have continued to maintain an excellent standard of patient care. Queens hospitals attract staff of the highest caliber, from maintenance staff to attending physicians, many of whom also serve on the faculties of New York City area medical schools, passing their knowledge and skill to a new generation of healthcare professionals.

Aside from their obvious function as locations for the providing of health care and serving as teaching facilities, hospitals are a source of jobs for residents and income for neighboring businesses. A neighborhood with a hospital has an invaluable asset. Hospitals in Queens support neighborhood civic activities. Their outreach efforts bring basic healthcare knowledge to many people. They serve in many ways that encourage a healthier population of Queens through prevention and education programs that reach out to every member of the borough.

The quality of health care to be found in Queens is the equal of and in some instances, superior to, that found in Manhattan. Of even greater significance, care in this borough has the added advantage of being closer. No one in the borough of Queens is more than a short ambulance ride away from a healthcare facility.

While we fervently hope our readers will never need them, it is comforting and reassuring to know that these fine facilities are there and available for the use of us all. A century ago, hospitals were places where the sick went to die. Now in 2012, the patient who walks out of the hospital alive is the rule, rather than the exception. Its hospitals and clinics are among the jewels in Queens’ crown. We know they will continue to shine for many years to come.

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