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DKCA Introduces New Web Site

By Thomas Cogan

Members of the Dutch Kills Civic Association, gathered for the group’s October meeting in the cafeteria of the Growing Up Green charter school on 28th Street on October 13, were treated to a view of the DKCA’s new Web page at www.dutchkillscivic.com. The original DKCA Web page was designed and put online in the previous century, and those familiar with it, including DKCA President Jerry Walsh, agreed that it is now of little value and seldom consulted; therefore, it needed to be replaced. The designer of the new site, Demetrius Tashie, was hired by the DKCA with some of the funding that came out of a grant from state Senator George Onorato before Onorato retired from public office. Tashie said that the new Web site should contain information for members,  local residents and visitors, too, since several hotels have been and are being built in Dutch Kills to accommodate tourists. He showed the audience that the home page contains a new photograph and an old map, appropriately displaying both the present and the past in a neighborhood that goes back centuries and now finds itself accommodating significant recent changes.

The site provides several links to information, such as notice of the next DKCA meeting and other coming events. The list of restaurants  and the roster of auto repair places are currently incomplete. Among the new maps is one showing current zoning, which may be familiar to those who followed the Dutch Kills zoning conflict that reached its peak three years ago. A blog to accompany the site is tentative. Tashie said if a blog develops, comments will be screened and edited by him to redact negative or profane commentary. Not yet added, but strongly recommended by several persons is parking information of all sorts, especially regarding where to park. Another category that is said to be in need of development is artistic life in the neighborhood, including other parts of Long Island City.

114th Police Precinct Officer Eddie Negron said that the only major offense that seems to be on the rise is felony assault, incidents of which have increased lately. Breaking into automobiles also occurs frequently in the neighborhood, so Negron was happy to report that a man with a record of some 40 arrests was apprehended just the day before in connection with a car break-in during the summer. Negron cautioned his listeners to call 911 if they witness a break-in, rather than raise the issue with the perpetrator.

Negron also warned that the current street fairs and other public events may be the last for some time to come, because current requests for permits are being rejected by the commissioner’s office.

One woman complained about a motorcyclist who chains his bike to a firmly implanted post in front of her home. She said she has told him his tactic is illegal and an impediment to Sanitation on days of collection. He has replied to her that he’ll risk or even endure tickets from the police before exposing his vehicle to the hazard of theft, having had bikes stolen in the past. She told him she would accommodate his willingness to get ticketed and was now pointing him out to Negron.

Negron’s schedule compelled him to leave the meeting before Walsh told of Gloria Moloney, a longtime DKCA member, who came home one evening recently to find a strange man in her house. She left immediately and reported the event to police. Eventually, police found the man in another house not his own, in possession of several pieces of jewelry belonging to Moloney. He was arrested and his case is due to go to trial soon.

A list of nominees for the DKCA board of directors was submitted to Walsh, who said further nominations will be welcome up to the time of the election at the next meeting, Thursday, November 10. Among the events to come is the annual street fair on 36th Avenue between 29th and 36th Streets, taking place Sunday, October 23.

Dr. Robert Johansson of Evangel Church on 27th Street was at the meeting to promote the church’s 25th anniversary dinner, November 4 at Terrace on the Park in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. Information about the event is available at www.evangelchurch.net or by calling 718-361-5454.

DKCA members will gather near the Queensboro Bridge to assist runners in the New York Marathon on Sunday, November 6. Walsh said the first runners come along at about 11 a.m. He expects about 175 helpers.

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