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Letters to the Editor

Keep Libraries Open

To The Editor:

Queens Library is facing unprecedented budgets cuts that will devastate library service unless funding is restored. The proposed city budget slashes our operating funds by nearly $20 million. If sustained, these cuts would reduce the hours that Queens Libraries will be open to the public, with programs and services severely curtailed. All community libraries could be closed on weekends, with some libraries open only two or three days a week. We must not let this happen!

More than 3 million people used Queens Library's computers last year. [They] borrowed 23 million free books, DVDs, and music CDs. Thousands of schoolchildren came in for homework help every day. Tens of thousands used the library to search for a new or better job and thousands learned to speak English. Half a million people attended free programs for education and entertainment.

These services are invaluable, and in today's economic climate, libraries are more important than ever. This is the worst possible time to scale back on these critical programs and services. That is why we must do everything we can to let our friends in government know how important libraries are to the people of Queens and ask them for their support in restoring Queens Library's budget.

The City Council and the mayor will negotiate the final budget during the next several weeks. [Readers'] voices right now in support of libraries can make the difference.

Please contact your city elected officials and let them know you want libraries to remain open.

Go to www.savequeenslibrary.org and sign the electronic petition. Better yet, come in to any Queens Library and sign the Save the Library petition. I know that by raising our voices together in support of the lifeenhancing role libraries play in every community, we can keep library doors open for all.
Thomas W. Galante
Library Director
Queens Library

Right To Bear Arms

To The Editor:

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees each citizen the right to possess firearms for armed self-defense. It is clear from all their writings on the subject that the Founding Fathers intended the Second Amendment to guarantee the right of armed self-defense to every individual citizen, not just to the members of the armed forces, the police and government-organized militias.

Yet, as our country becomes more and more dangerous, both the federal government and many state and local governments, seek to disarm the citizens, rendering them helpless against a well-armed criminal class. In addition, the United Nations seeks to disarm all the peoples of the world so we can have "peace" under the rule of a UN dominated by criminals and dictators. See jbs.org.

Every would-be dictator requires a disarmed population. Is this why the gun control effort never ceases in Washington? Tyrants and criminals fear an armed people!

Our Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment because they knew that armed citizens deter both street crime and government tyranny. Being free to defend yourself is the first freedom on which all others depend.

Only an armed people are a truly free people; therefore, any attack on the Second Amendment is an attack on all of our liberties!
Uphold the Second Amendment,
Lawrence Burke
Roslyn, New York

China Child Crisis

To The Editor:

China's one-child per family policy has led to a rapidly developing and rather ghastly consequence. Because a son is valued so much more highly than a daughter in China, criminals have resorted to stealing boys from their families in heavily populated areas and selling them to buyers in rural areas. Government authorities claim that fewer than 2,500 such abductions occur each year, but the figure is widely dismissed as too low. Distraught parents have had their small sons snatched right before their eyes and have never seen them again.

The government's barbaric policy that allows only one child per family never intended such a development, but when a government substitutes its rule for God's, horrifying consequences are a customary result.
Yours truly,
Janet McCarthy

Appeasement Fails

To The Editor:

President [Barack] Obama is making mistakes impacting our foreign policy.

The [Obama] Administration tried appeasement when it declared Chavez's president-for-life referendum was "for the most part….a process that was fully consistent with a democratic process".

The Administration looked the other way when Russia pressured Kyrgyestan to shut down a valuable U.S. air base.

In Turkey, Obama said, "The United States is not, and never will be at war with Islam," which is true, but he should have stated the U.S. will pursue Islamic terrorists.

The President warned North Korea it would suffer "consequences" if it went ahead with the launch of a long range missile, but North Korea snubbed the U.S. and launched the missile on a 2000 mile run. Also, North Korea recently restarted its nuclear weapons development program.

President Obama attempted to charm Iran, but Iran's parliament speaker rebuked our President and told him the U.S. has to acknowledge 60 years of crimes against Iran, change our policies, and abandon Israel.

Obama is making reconciliation overtures to Cuba, but Cuba is negotiating to allow Russian warships and aircraft to refuel at Cuban bases; and Russia might be allowed to reopen an electronic intelligence gathering operation in Lourdes.

Appeasing and apologizing (for nothing) to these totalitarian countries is interpreted as groveling weakness by the Administration, and it is jeopardizing our national security.
Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, New Hampshire

Breath Of Fresh Air

To The Editor:

What an optimistic issue of the Gazette dated May 20 was presented this week and in this world of bad news recession, swine flu scares, and war, the Gazette was a breath of fresh air for me. I congratulate Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr. for getting an award from Community Education Council District 30. He indeed is deserving of this honor and has done so much for education in our area.

I have appreciated him for many years and was honored by him in 2005 with a commendation and in 2007 with another citation. He really cares for all people and is indeed a man of the people.

I applaud the Mount Sinai Hospital for winning the Aster Award. Advertising health care in a really fine manner indeed influences people to avail themselves of the hospital's many services. Advertisements that are presented positively and appealing and colorful and meaningful motivate the readers.

Congratulations to the Whitestone Bridge for being 70 years old. Although I have only travelled on this span twice in my 60 years of living, I know how important it is as a link to The Bronx and to further areas in Queens.

I also applaud the Pulaski Bridge for being improved. That is a necessary link between Queens and Brooklyn. It used to be known as the Penny Bridge years ago as I was told by an elder of the community. Memorial Day is one for honoring those who cared, who gave of themselves to serve a country, to enable freedom to ring throughout the world, and to honor the cherished memories and to appreciate those who served with valor and are still amongst us. In other nations, especially in Israel, Memorial Day is a prayerful day one that is solemn and meaningful. Commercialized with street fairs, with barbecues and many times the real meaning is lost. We must take a moment in the midst of our personal celebrations and remember those who made it possible for us to celebrate without fear and fright in a free country.

I appreciate all of the greetings in the Gazette from our leaders of all levels of government.
Cynthia Groopman
Long Island City

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