2006-11-08 / Features

ARA Offers Tenant, Homeowner Assistance

The Astoria Restoration Association is a non-profit organization that offers free assistance to tenants and homeowners in the Astoria area. There are a number of programs we can help you with.

The Senior Citizen Rent Exemption Program (SCRIE) helps seniors with household incomes up to $26,000 and rent 1/3 of their income, freeze their rent if they live in a rent-controlled or rentstabilized apartment. We can also help with the renewal application.

Senior homeowners with household incomes of up to $32,400, can receive a reduction in property taxes with the Senior Citizen Homeowner Exemption (SCHE) program.

The new Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) program for disabled renters with individual incomes of $17,004 or less and couples with income of $24,372 or less can freeze their rent. The rent must also be 1/3 of their income.

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) will give grants to lower income individuals toward their heating or electric bill. Individuals who have already received their HEAP application can come to our office now for assistance in filling out this form. New HEAP applications should be available after Thanksgiving.

Please call the Astoria Restoration Association for further information on these programs. (718-726-0034).

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