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Talk To Teens About Drinking To The Editor:

Contrary to public perception, most underage students do not drink. The 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates 71 percent of adolescents, 12-20 years old, do not drink. The percentage of college freshmen who reported drinking beer frequently or occasionally is 6 percent lower than in 2000, down 38 percent since 1982, according to the 2004 American Freshman Survey. This is good news, but there’s more work to be done.

When the Roper polling organization asked youth, ages 13-17, what is the greatest influence on their decision to drink alcohol or not, 75 percent cited their parents as the No. 1 influence.

That’s why Anheuser-Busch offers Family Talk About Drinking, a free parent guide designed to encourage open, honest communication on this subject. For parents of college-bound freshmen, the College Talk guide can help continue this discussion as their children move to the next level of independence. To download these free guides, visit familytalkonline. com., collegetalkonline.com. or call 1-800-359-TALK. When it comes to the fight against underage drinking. Responsibility matters.


C.A. Verdon

Consumer Awareness &

Education Coordinator

Anheuser-Busch Sales &

Service Of New York,

Site Sends Wrong Message

To The Editor:

I am appalled at a seemingly well intended Web site's depiction of a desired help to the community as "raping 33rd Street" at http://www.licalliance.org/ pages/presby.shtm.

I am using their own list of officials to contact you to protest the erroneous Web page and yellow journalism associated with raising citizens’ fear unjustifiably.

As a member of the Astoria Presbyterian Church, I can tell you that the project, if it proceeds as the church's session has envisioned, will be for the Astoria community as well as the congregation members. We wish to design a new church to be appealing to all and to serve the community. While wishing to keep the building as it is, the cost in NYC is prohibitive and frankly, not able to serve the needs of the community as it is now. This church has been working on this project for going on three years with the result of a proposal that includes HANAC Corporation and the approval of an initial fact finding committee of the Presbytery (next level of Presbyterian organization over individual congregations). While opportunity for other organizations and people to propose viable alternatives backed with resources to carry an alternative forward has existed, no other option has been presented by anyone. The affordable housing that is being suggested will help up to a proposed 90 older citizens have housing while keeping the neighborhood beautiful and increasing surrounding community property values. Our church will still be able to be housed in the development which is the primary reason for our doing this project to begin with—to increase ministry to its members and help the community as we progress. The Presbyterian Denomination is one of outreach to see and understand and to relate to all people while maintaining a foundation of theology from which we find to be “an iron rod” (taking from the Mormon theology).

Thank you for understanding the fear generated by the Web page causing other citizens to write you. Keep in mind the context of the erroneous Web site as you read. Others’ e-mail may be based entirely on this Web site's slander.

Sincerely yours,

Cara Bissell

Long Island City

Member of the Presbyterian Church of Astoria (formerly The First Presbyterian Church of Astoria)


Not only are terrorists entering our open borders, but dangerous criminals have flooded our nation. More Americans die every year at the hands of these illegals than have been killed to date in Iraq. In Los Angeles, 95% of the homicide warrants are for illegal aliens, and literally tens of thousands of illegal Mexican immigrants have been organized into ultra violent street gangs such as the 20,000-member 18th Street Gang and the Lil Cycos Gang which is deeply involved in murder, racketeering and drug trafficking. This is serious!

Our government expends more to close borders in Iraq, Bosnia, and Korea than to close our own. Further, Senators [John] McCain and [Edward] Kennedy are proposing amnesty legislation which will encourage the above situation.

When will our representatives represent us, their constituents? The revolution continues.

Restore our republic,

Lawrence Burke

Roslyn, New York

Stay On Guard, Stay Free

To The Editor:

The poet’s warning that all must remain on guard because the enemies of freedom never sleep has been given striking new relevance in Europe. After French and Dutch voters soundly rejected ratification of the new European Union Constitution, its various provisions are being implemented “clause by clause, as if the No votes had not happened.” so reports Daniel Hannan, a member of the European Parliament from England. In his mid-July statement about the EU Constitution, Hannan claimed, “Most of the institutions that it would have authorized are either up and running already, or in the process of being established.”

We need to be on guard in America, too. For example, watchfulness must be maintained to block implementation of provisions of the flawed Kyoto Protocol addressing spurious global warming claims.

Environmentalists who might be disappointed over our nation’s refusal to endorse the Kyoto requirements have set their sights on having its various provisions enacted separately. Similarly, although prior wisdom at the state legislature level prevented adding the dangerous Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, ERA promoters continue to seek enactment of its provisions without a Constitutional Amendment.

Very truly yours,

Janet McCarthy


Water Street Trees

To The Editor:

During the hot, dry days of summer, please remember to regularly water street trees that have been recently planted in front of or near your property.

New trees must be watered thoroughly during the first year after they have been planted in order to improve their chances of survival. Older trees likewise can use a good drink of water in order to withstand the stresses of inadequate water during these parched days.

Trees are important to all of us because they clean the air we breathe, act as natural air conditioners by cooling the air around us, beautify our neighborhoods and increase the value of our homes.

If you would like a free street tree planted by your home by the city, you should call your local community board in order to receive a request form. Just fill it out and return it. It’s that easy and the tree will provide you with years of pleasure and comfort.

Henry Euler


Save Architecture

To The Editor:

Three-foot cement lions, shiny metal doors, high brick walls: a sorry inventory for the historic English tudor architecture of Forest Hills, which is rapidly being transformed into a polyglot of mishmosh architectural details.

Is no one addressing this transformation of an historic area? Shouldn’t prospective homeowners be made aware of retaining the English Tudor style as an investment, if nothing else?

At the present rate of home “improvement” Forest Hills will be transformed in five years, from a unique residential area, to a garish melee of lions, shiny metal doors and high brick walls.

Yes, indeed, there goes the neighborhood.

Sonia Kludjian

Forest Hills

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