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Thanks For Publishing

To The Editor:

Thank you so very much for having published the "Gardening in Astoria" article I sent you. My friends and family were delightedly surprised to see it and I hope it made for nice and informative reading to many of the other readers. I know many homeowners in Astoria enjoy gardening. I hope my article will encourage people to venture more into gardening. It is quite easy to grow plants and it contributes so much to the beauty of our town.

I would like to add that it is so nice to have a newspaper like the Gazette, which while giving us news of Queens and New York City, concentrates on news and issues of our own town and neighborhoods of Astoria. You bring us real local information, which I find interesting and helpful.

I also wish to note that I especially enjoyed your articles around holidays and special days (like Mother’s Day), explaining the origins of different holiday customs.

Thank you so much,

Natalia Paruz


Name Street For Fallen

A copy of the following letter was received by the Gazette.

Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani

City Hall

New York, NY 10007

Dear Mayor Giuliani:

As president and vice president of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA-Hermes Chapter 186) located in Astoria, Queens and as citizens of New York, we are corresponding with you regarding the tragic event that consumed us on Fathers Day, Sunday, June 17, 2001.

Undoubtedly, New York suffered a great loss with the deaths of three of New York’s Bravest this past Sunday. While pursuing their regular course of duty, Firefighter Brian Fahey, Rescue Company 4, Firefighter Harry Ford, Rescue Company 4 and Firefighter John J. Downing, Ladder Company 163 made the ultimate sacrifice while safeguarding the citizens of Astoria, Queens. This heroic, but tragic sacrifice is just a small example of what our public servants and firemen do for the citizens of New York day-in and day-out.

The Hermes AHEPA Chapter 186 would like to permanently commemorate the sacrifice of these heroic firefighters in such a way that the tragedy is never forgotten. The firefighters from Engine Company 163 and Rescue Company 4, both outfits that are no strangers to the loss of life, deserve the street be named after these three fallen heroes. It is this request that we put forth to you--the only person we know who can assure the success of this truly important commemoration.

It is our hope that this permanent signage will be displayed on the corner of the tragedy and would serve as a constant reminder to all citizens, specifically our children, of not only the contributions and sacrifices made by firefighters and public servants, but the tragic consequences of playing with fire and flammable substances.

The members of Hermes AHEPA Chapter 186 are so committed in this endeavor that we are willing to do whatever is necessary to see this request through. We will raise money to pay for any signage, coordinate community organizations, collect petitions if necessary, go to community board meetings, etc.

Please allow the citizens of New York to mourn and commemorate the loss of these brave firefighters in a way that the memory of our fallen heroes will never be forgotten. This signage will always send a message to public servants and citizens of Astoria that they are always appreciated and that these heroes will not be forgotten through many mayoral administrations to come.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact George at (212) 448-8067 (office), (718) 357-4289 (home) or (917) 613-3320 (cell).

With warm regards, we are

Very truly yours,

Harry A. Zouvelos


Hermes AHEPA Chapter 186 and

George C. Zouvelos


Hermes AHEPA Chapter 186

Graffiti Turns Deadly

To The Editor:

Now that three of New York’s Bravest have been laid to rest, will our elected officials throughout the city and state wake up to the evils of graffiti?

If early reports are correct, a new horror is upon our community. "Graffiti burning" is responsible for the deaths of three brave husbands, fathers, sons and friends. It must become a wake-up call for all of us.

May their memory be eternal.

Bob Wilson

President, Board of Directors

Dutch Kills Civic Association

Long Island City

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