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Parking Lot Mess

A copy of the following letter was received by the Gazette.

Mr. Victor Rosen

Executive Director

Parking Operations

Department of Transportation

34-02 Queens Boulevard

Long Island City, NY 11101

Dear Mr. Rosen:

On Saturday, April 22nd, I parked my car in the Bayside Municipal Lot on 41st Avenue. Unfortunately for many of the motorists using the lot, two of the three Muni-Meters were broken. The remaining Muni-Meter was not working correctly either. A receipt could be obtained only after a great deal of difficulty. Some motorists gave up attempting to use the meters. There was also a serious flooding condition in the middle of the lot.

On behalf of the many residents who use this facility. I would appreciate a complete review of the Muni-Meters and necessary repairs made immediately as well as addressing the flooding problem. In addition, any expired meter parking tickets that may have been issued while these meters were broken should be dismissed.

Please let me know how this matter is resolved.


Tony Avella


Deplores Raid

To The Editor:

On Saturday morning, April 22, 2000, the following incident occurred at a suburban home in Miami, Florida: A squad of heavily armed men dressed in black uniforms, wearing jackboots and steel helmets and brandishing submachine guns, stormed the home of a peaceful and God fearing family, the ostensible purpose being to reunite six year old Elian Gonzalez with his father. Was this a depiction of SStroops conducting a terror police action in Nazi Germany? No, this was an American federal swat team executing Janet Reno’s orders, who in collusion with President Clinton and other federal government officials has illegally usurped powers which are reserved to the state and local governments under the terms of the tenth amendment to our constitution. This irresponsibly treacherous action has created a very dangerous precedent with regard to our continued existence as a free people. One only wonders under what pretext such an action, which is characteristic of all totalitarian, police state societies will be conducted in the future.

God save us

Michael Winters

New York City












Ban Street Hails

To The Editor:

I recently wrote The New York Times to shed some light on the livery cab murder spree. My letter in part read: "I realize it is not a good time to criticize Fernando Mateo or the TLC. Mr. Mateo has taken a leadership position in the livery cab crisis that is commendable, but it cannot be ignored that the authorities have turned a blind eye to the high risk practices of livery cab drivers. Allowing such activities has resulted in the proliferation of an arrogant, nose-thumbing industry that is in practice illegal. The Mayor has sanctioned the cabbies’ disregard for the law by effectively rubber stamping street hails... The fundamental problem of unskilled, possibly illegal immigrants flocking to the US to work in life threatening and unlawful jobs is wrong and an affront to civilized society."

The Times did not run my letter but ran instead another letter with the glib-liberal-status quo slant that it gives all its stories: spend more money to make the drivers safe by installing locator beeper-alarms so that the police can find and rescue the drivers. No acknowledgement has been made by any papers that the livery cab drivers engage in illegal acts. Sadly, the drivers’ real mistake was not being able to distinguish between the drug runners and prostitutes they serve from the murderous thugs who took their lives.

This boils down to not only trivializing crime and diminishing culpability, but presumes that poor neighborhoods are locked into crime as a matter of lifestyle, and that facts will be silenced so as not to shed unfavorable light on victims. I qualify to speak for the poor. Genuinely poor people cannot afford the luxury of door-to-door cab service. I resent the notion that crime should be tolerated in our neighborhoods, that we are all better off looking the other way, that the poor have no control over what happens to them. This is an insult. We need leaders that will speak the truth, and papers that will print it.


Name Withheld By Request

Youths Need Jobs

To The Editor:

Due to a change in Federal law, New York City faces the loss of at least 25,000 publicly funded summer jobs for teens. The prospect of thousands of idle teens whiling away the summer on the city’s street corners and playgrounds should give the most ardent bean counter pause.

Summer youth employment programs provide young New Yorkers with valuable work experience, an opportunity to save some money toward future expenses and provide scarce assistance to the not-for-profit agencies they work for during the summer months when staff are on vacation.

Time is growing short for the summer jobs program. The Department of Employment needs to start sending out applications now. Contractors who refer youth to agencies for jobs need to start making assignments. And not for profits need to plan on how many youth they can put to work. None of this will happen until the Mayor and the City Council agree on a budget.

Parents, school officials and all New Yorkers need to send a message to the Mayor and the City Council: "A kid without a job is a kid on a street corner."

Yours truly,

Theresa Greenberg

Assistant Executive Director

Forest Hills Community House

Pre-BQE Inspections

Dear BQE Neighbor:

At public meetings in your community over the past two years about the reconstruction of the BQE north of Broadway, many of you have come to know Jim Wilson, the Project Engineer for the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) during the design phase. Now that we are starting the construction phase, I will be the Engineer-In-Charge for NYSDOT. An excellent construction firm, Slattery Skanska, the low bidder, was given a strong monetary incentive to complete construction sooner than four years while maintaining high quality work.

I recognize that we are going to be disrupting your lives for the next few years, NYSDOT and the entire construction team is committed to minimizing adverse effects on the community.

Therefore, if you live within the potentially affected zone, it is in your interest to establish a record of the existing conditions of your properties. To perform this documentation, NYSDOT has hired a company, Vibrananalysis, which will be evaluating damage due to vibration. Their first task within the next few weeks, before construction begins, is to establish baseline conditions in all affected properties. If your property is within the 30 meter distance of construction, you will be visited by a representative of Vibrananalysis to set up an appointment to survey your building and to make photographic and video records. If you prefer, you can initiate an appointment by calling Vibrananalysis at 718-601-7343. All Vibrananalysis personnel carry full photo identification, which can be confirmed by calling 601-7343 on weekdays.

You will be given an option to have the inspection done and a copy of the report sent to you. If you decide to do the inspection, we urge you to accompany the inspector on the survey team and ask about what is going into the report as it is being written. That way you will resolve any differences and ensure that the final report reflects your judgement as well. You will be asked to sign the report to verify that the inspection was performed. If you disagree with any portion of the report, you can add any comments you wish to the report before signing. A copy of the report and photographic record will be sent to you once completed.

If you have further questions about the survey or any other aspect of the project, please call me at 718-424-4157. In addition monthly task force meetings will be held to update you on the current and upcoming construction activities and as well as address any concerns you may have. The meeting schedules will be sent to elected officials, Community Boards 1, 2, 3 and community newspapers, and will be available starting in June on www.dot.state.ny.us/.


John Haran, P.E.


New York State Department of


Dhiaa I. Shubber, P.E.

Resident Engineer Parsons Brinkerhoff Construction Services, Inc.

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