Forest Hills

Zip Code: 11375

Community Board 6

Forest Hills owes its existence to Cord Meyer, the founder of Elmhurst and Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage, who ran the Russell Sage Foundation, a philanthropic organization.

Originally called Whitepot, the area, part of the Middleburgh settlement during the middle 1600s, was farmland owned by several wealthy families.

Meyer purchased the area in the latter part of the 1800s and changed the name to Forest Hills. He sold a portion of his land to the Sage Foundation Homes Co., a division of the Russell Sage Foundation.

The area subsequently became a residential area with the higher income resident in mind with homes of varying architecture and narrow, winding cobblestone streets.

Today Forest Hills remains suburban in nature with the addition of several bustling commercial strips and mini-malls.

Forest Hills was also the home of the Davis Cup and the U.S. open from 1918 to 1978.

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